How to Care for a Dental Implant

Caring for a dental implant after the procedure is extremely important. You’ll want to make sure you do not damage the implant and that you do not cause yourself any pain. The procedure wasn’t cheap at all, and pain is the last thing that we want. The following care information after dental implant surgery port charlotte ensures that you maintain your beautiful smile for a long time ahead.

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Avoid eating immediately after surgery. You’ll probably feel mouth discomfort so eating will not be on our mind. However, you will get hungry. Several hours after the procedure, choose a soup or another easy to eat food. Avoid strenuous activity after the procedure and obviously cold drinks are off limits.

Caring for dental implants is done in much the same manner as you care for natural teeth. Brush your implants twice per day using a fluoride toothpaste. Floss and mouthwash also help keep your teeth looking their best.  Plaque can form on your implants if they’re not taken care of. It is essential to follow the brushing routine and continue to see your dentist for routine examinations.

Special implant care tools and equipment is available and should be used to protect the implant. Talk to your dentist to learn more about how you can use these tools to keep your implant in good condition. Most dentists recommend using interproximal brushes to clean the implant and oral irrigators as well.

Apply ice to the area after the procedure. This will reduce the swelling and minimize pain. You should also rinse with salt water for the first 24-hours. Use the saltwater rinse 2-3 times per day.  Keep your hands away from the implant and avoid touching it whatsoever, even with your tongue.

Remember that your dentist is available to help if you have questions or concerns, if you notice bleeding, or if other problems arise. Do not hesitate to call the dentist if you have worries or concerns!

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